Reduce returns, increase customer satisfaction and reduce carbon emissions

Sojo for Retail

Offer our services to your customers, at scale, through your website.


Fully integrated tailoring and repairs for your customers 

We offer a full website integration with your e-commerce platform, allowing customers to book alterations and repairs directly.

Our logistics network takes care of pick up, drop off and tailoring of your customer's items.


55% of returns are due to poor fit.

Carbon emissions

One return emits 2.8 kg of carbon. 

Clothing waste

Altering reduces returned clothes, of which 20-30% go to landfill.

Repairs ensure that your brand's clothes are loved for longer, keeping them out of landfill. 

Customer satisfaction

Customers love having clothes fit them perfectly, and are more likely to convert due to tailoring. 

Customer retention

Satisfied customers are much more likely to retain. 


86% of second hand shoppers find items that do not fit them "very frequently".

Altering allows fit to not be an issue for them.
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