Reimagining the Fashion Industry

We believe in creating a fashion industry in which the clothes that are made and the people who make them are valued in the way they should be. At every stage of the lifecycle of clothing the processes need to be re-imagined with both the people and planet in mind.

We are doing our part by making it easier to increase the lifespan of your clothes.

Our repair service is a way for people to keep their clothes out of landfill and to give them a new lease of life. Our alteration service reduces sizing restrictions when second-hand shopping and also ensures all your clothes fit you perfectly so you can love them even more.

We are revolutionising people's relationship with clothes.

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Our Community

We are more than just an App and a service. We are space for discussion and connection over things that are important to us.


From educational content and commentary surrounding sustainable fashion to highlighting and promoting other female-owned or black-owned businesses.


From recommending the best places to shop-second hand to providing in-person clothes swaps.


We’d love for anyone and everyone to be a part of our community and journey.

Meet the Founding Team


Josephine Philips

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Ludovico Buizza

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